The Steam Packet Inn, Totnes

For Buccaneer Holdings


TMS were asked by Buccaneer Holdings to rebuild part of a collapsed river wall on the River Dart.
The wall had partly collapsed and an area of the adjacent pub’s outside terrace paving had settled significantly
causing it to be closed. Over a week of low spring tides, TMS deconstructed 20m2 of stone wall and then rebuilt
it ensuring it was backfilled with concrete. Tie bars were installed to strengthen the wall and significantly reduce
the likelihood of any further damage occurring thereby increasing its longevity.

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Scour Protection, Totnes

For Sisk Rail

5 Weeks

Working on behalf of Sisk Rail, TMS were contracted to provide scour protection works
around the piers of a railway bridge on the River Dart in Totnes, Devon. The works were to
install rock roll bags to the north riverbank and to the footpath on the south side. TMS
completed masonry repairs to the masonry bridge and then rock armour was placed to the
north side of the river as a toe for the rock rolls as extra protection.
The scope of the project included:

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Toft Pier Redevelopment

For Shetland Isles Council

18 Months

Working on behalf of Shetland Islands Council, TMS were appointed as Principal Contractor for the construction of a new pier in Toft
at the north end of Shetland Mainland. The work was completed over an 18-month period with a break during the winter ‘windy’
season and a further break forced by the recent COVID-19 construction shut-down. TMS worked closely with Shetland Island Council
to develop ‘COVID Safe’ practices to allow safe and timely return to the island for continuation of the works during the on-going
pandemic. The new pier was required to replace a redundant, much smaller jetty that had once served as the inter-island ferry berth.
Following relocation of the ferry to a new “roll on/roll off” berth, the original jetty had fallen into disrepair and TMS were therefore
Tappointed to construct a new pier to be used for the operation of the islands’ fish-farming vessels.

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Rock Park Bridge, Barnstaple

For Dyer & Butler

8 Months

Working on behalf of Dyer & Butler, TMS were appointed to complete the in-river repair works to 2no. piles on the condemned pedestrian
footbridge between Rock Park and the Severn Brethren Industrial Estate in Barnstaple. The historic bridge was the main access route for
commuting school children whose route had to be diverted along a busy A-road. The former railway bridge had been closed for safety
reasons since May 2020 after a routine dive inspection discovered significant damage to the in-river piles. The original scope of the project

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Pontoon Piles, Newhaven

For Rampion Offshore Windfarm

5 Months

Working on behalf of Knights Brown, TMS were appointed to complete the marine works for the installation of new
pontoons at Rampion Offshore Wind Farm’s landing facility in the Port of Newhaven. TMS completed the piling works from marine
floating plant with a 135t crawler crane and 60t long-reach mobilised on the barge deck. The piles were installed using a PVE 25M
standard frequency vibro hammer. All of the new pontoons were successfully configured on the new piles as all of the piles were
positioned within small tolerance

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Ilfracombe Sea Wall Repairs

For North Devon District Council

Working on behalf of North Devon District Council, TMS
were appointed to complete sea wall repair works to a section of wall
in the inner harbour. Areas of the existing wall has signs of existing
repairs. The historic harbour which was built in the 12th century has
been a popular tourist attraction and is still today a working harbour
with fish and seafood being landed daily

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BAE Deep Water Berth, Glasgow

For Farrans Construction

2021 - 2022

TMS were appointed by Farrans Construction to undertake the Deep
Water Berth Deepening Works for BAE Systems in Glasgow, which took
a total of 14 months to complete.
The scope of the project included:
• Initial Backhoe Dredge of 27,000m3
• Precast concrete breakout and removal
• Rock breakout to revised berthing pit depths to accommodate
precast concrete to -11m CD
• Bed levelling
• Precast concrete placement
• Underwater In-situ Concrete
• Re-siltation Completion Dredge

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Fender Installation, Falmouth

For A&P County Wharf

August 2022

In August 2022, Teignmouth Maritime Services were contracted by
A&P County Wharf at Falmouth Docks to install three new fender units
to replace the failed wooden fenders that were already in situ.
With input from TMS Ltd, the design solution used a pre-fabricated
fender head unit supported on 4 driven piles. The bespoke-designed
fender head was fabricated by TMS’s BS EN ISO1090 accredited

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Buckfast Abbey Fish Pass

For Buckfast Abbey


Located in South Devon within the grounds of the historic Buckfast Abbey on the River Dart,
where a monastic community has been present for over 1000 years, an old existing weir on
the river had begun to collapse and full failure of the structure was imminent. At the same
site on the river, an old pool and historic traverse fish pass were also dilapidated and
presented too great a leap for fish to successfully make their way upstream for feeding and
reproduction in the spawning grounds.

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Bridgetown Weir Fishpass

For Westcountry Rivers Trust

6 Weeks

TMS were emploed by Westcountry Rivers Trust to:
• Install a Lariner superactive Baffle Fishpass within an existing pooltraverse
fish pass channel;
• Excavate and reinforce the outlet pool and the adjacent river bank to
accommodate the new fishpass;
• Locally extend the weir toe to bring it in line with the outlet using
riprap stone;
• Install a fish chute adjacent to the leat entrance;
• Install a seasonal screen infrastructure and a maintenance walkway;
• Level the entire weir crest to reduce competing attraction flows;
• Appropriately tie in all works to the riverbed and river banks.

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