Sharpness Pier Repairs, Sharpness Dock

For Canal River Trust, Kier

4.5 Months

Sharpness South Pier is located downstream of the outer gates (sea gates) to Sharpness Tidal Basin. The pier is
effectively located within the River Severn, at the point where the river meets the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal. The
function of both north pier and south pier is to guide ships into the Tidal Basin from the River Severn
In June 2020 the MV Lady Adele (photo inset) on arrival at Sharpness Port contacted the South Pier at Sharpness.
As a result of the vessel impact, the South Pier sustained damage which required urgent inspection as-well-as removal of
seabed debris and loose elements that may become detached in the near future.

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Stonehaven Pier Reconstruction

For Aberdeenshire Council

May 2022 - October 2022

Working on behalf of Aberdeenshire
Council, TMS were appointed as Principal Contractor
to construct three new pier heads around three
historic ones in Stonehaven Harbour. The three new
pier heads were to encapsulate the existing Net Pier,
South Pier and Fish Jetty structures which had all
been considered to have reached the end of their
serviceable life and were at risk of failure if their
condition were allowed to degrade further. The full
scope of the project included:

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Toft Pier Redevelopment

For Shetland Isles Council

18 Months

Working on behalf of Shetland Islands Council, TMS were appointed as Principal Contractor for the construction of a new pier in Toft
at the north end of Shetland Mainland. The work was completed over an 18-month period with a break during the winter ‘windy’
season and a further break forced by the recent COVID-19 construction shut-down. TMS worked closely with Shetland Island Council
to develop ‘COVID Safe’ practices to allow safe and timely return to the island for continuation of the works during the on-going
pandemic. The new pier was required to replace a redundant, much smaller jetty that had once served as the inter-island ferry berth.
Following relocation of the ferry to a new “roll on/roll off” berth, the original jetty had fallen into disrepair and TMS were therefore
Tappointed to construct a new pier to be used for the operation of the islands’ fish-farming vessels.

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Landing Craft Slipway, Devonport Dockyard

For Mansell

A £25m complex at Devonport Dockyard has been built for the Ministry of Defence to provide services for the landing craft and assault boats of 539 Assault Squadron Royal Marines. A critical factor in this development was to provide the ability for the Landing Craft Air Cushion (hovercraft) and regular Landing Craft to be removed from the water. This was achieved through the construction of a new slipway.

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UXO Underwater Investigation

For Dimco for Nustar Oil

6 weeks

Dimco a subsidiary of DEME, were instructed by their client NuStar Oil to demolish and re-build sections of the exiting shipping terminal jetties at the NuStar terminal at Grays, Gravesend on the River Thames. Prior to any new construction, the construction areas and berthing areas required a full UXO survey, with ALARP mitigation.

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Oxen Cove Jetty

For Torbay Development Agency

5 months

TMS were contracted, in collaboration with Red 7 Marine, by Torbay Development Agency to install a new Shellfish Landing Jetty at Oxen Cove, Brixham in 2019. Whilst Brixham is currently the most important fishing port in England and Wales when measuring value of catch landed, the Shellfish Jetty was commissioned to meet growing demand from the expanding shelfish industry locally.

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