TMS as a leading marine contractor have previously constructed sea walls and quays in highly challenging and demanding conditions. We understand that they not only need to be structurally sound and built to withstand adverse weather whilst protecting what they have been designed to protect, but also must be aesthetically pleasing.

Whether working from land, or from a float, TMS are able to construct sea walls and quays from both man-made or natural, indigenous materials.

Sea Walls, Quays, Fenders Harbour & Breakwater Construction

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Exmouth Sea Wall Emergency Repairs

For East Devon Council

October 2023

During a storm in October 2023, a 90m long section of the masonry sea wall on Exmouth sea front failed structurally. Fortunately, this failure was not catastrophic and was prevented from
being so by the emergency repairs that TMS implemented immediately after the storm had abated. Historically, there have been sand dunes in front of the sea wall providing it with
additional protection, but over time metres of sand have been lost making the wall vulnerable.

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Axmouth Harbour Wall Repairs

For East Devon Council


TMS were appointed to make repairs at Axmouth Harbour. The works consisted of: concrete repairs, masonry wall
repointing and repairs, a small rebuild section and void filling of the bridge buttress.

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