TMS is able to offer a variety of excavators on floating pontoon barges, including suction dredgers, back hoe and grab dredgers. This choice of equipment allows us the flexibility to undertake dredging and bed levelling projects in a variety of coastal and river locations as well as reservoirs.

From small scale pontoon clearings, right up to large marina and harbour-based dredging projects, the combination of TMS vessels, plant and expertise offers you manoeuvrability and dredge speed to suit your works project.

Our venturi dredge pump system allows us to move mud and silts to deeper water giving a simple and environmentally-friendly solution.

Dredging, Bed Levelling & Scour Protection

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Scour Protection, Totnes

For Sisk Rail

5 Weeks

Working on behalf of Sisk Rail, TMS were contracted to provide scour protection works
around the piers of a railway bridge on the River Dart in Totnes, Devon. The works were to
install rock roll bags to the north riverbank and to the footpath on the south side. TMS
completed masonry repairs to the masonry bridge and then rock armour was placed to the
north side of the river as a toe for the rock rolls as extra protection.
The scope of the project included:

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BAE Deep Water Berth, Glasgow

For Farrans Construction

2021 - 2022

TMS were appointed by Farrans Construction to undertake the Deep
Water Berth Deepening Works for BAE Systems in Glasgow, which took
a total of 14 months to complete.
The scope of the project included:
• Initial Backhoe Dredge of 27,000m3
• Precast concrete breakout and removal
• Rock breakout to revised berthing pit depths to accommodate
precast concrete to -11m CD
• Bed levelling
• Precast concrete placement
• Underwater In-situ Concrete
• Re-siltation Completion Dredge

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