The Steam Packet Inn, Totnes

For Buccaneer Holdings


TMS were asked by Buccaneer Holdings to rebuild part of a collapsed river wall on the River Dart.
The wall had partly collapsed and an area of the adjacent pub’s outside terrace paving had settled significantly
causing it to be closed. Over a week of low spring tides, TMS deconstructed 20m2 of stone wall and then rebuilt
it ensuring it was backfilled with concrete. Tie bars were installed to strengthen the wall and significantly reduce
the likelihood of any further damage occurring thereby increasing its longevity.

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Buckfast Abbey Fish Pass

For Buckfast Abbey


Located in South Devon within the grounds of the historic Buckfast Abbey on the River Dart,
where a monastic community has been present for over 1000 years, an old existing weir on
the river had begun to collapse and full failure of the structure was imminent. At the same
site on the river, an old pool and historic traverse fish pass were also dilapidated and
presented too great a leap for fish to successfully make their way upstream for feeding and
reproduction in the spawning grounds.

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Bridgetown Weir Fishpass

For Westcountry Rivers Trust

6 Weeks

TMS were emploed by Westcountry Rivers Trust to:
• Install a Lariner superactive Baffle Fishpass within an existing pooltraverse
fish pass channel;
• Excavate and reinforce the outlet pool and the adjacent river bank to
accommodate the new fishpass;
• Locally extend the weir toe to bring it in line with the outlet using
riprap stone;
• Install a fish chute adjacent to the leat entrance;
• Install a seasonal screen infrastructure and a maintenance walkway;
• Level the entire weir crest to reduce competing attraction flows;
• Appropriately tie in all works to the riverbed and river banks.

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Newbridge, Newton St Cyres

For Dyer & Butler, Network Rail

12 weeks

In late August 2018, TMS commenced work to stabilise the river bank adjacent to the North Devon railway line near Newton St Cyres. The riverbank and railway embankment were being scoured out by turbulent river flow, and the abutment of an adjacent multi-span masonry arch road bridge that crossed both the railway line and the river was also indicating signs of erosion.

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