Padstow Harbour Slipway Wall Repair

For Padstow Harbour

4 weeks

TMS were approached by Padstow Harbour Commissioner with concerns that the wall adjacent to their main harbour slipway was in disrepair with spalling render and exposed reinforcement. This presented a hazard to the general public as it was the boarding facility for both the local ferry and other marine craft.

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Landing Craft Slipway, Devonport Dockyard

For Mansell

A £25m complex at Devonport Dockyard has been built for the Ministry of Defence to provide services for the landing craft and assault boats of 539 Assault Squadron Royal Marines. A critical factor in this development was to provide the ability for the Landing Craft Air Cushion (hovercraft) and regular Landing Craft to be removed from the water. This was achieved through the construction of a new slipway.

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