Riverbank Maintenance

TMS as a leading Marine Contractor undertake many forms of Riverbank maintenance and corrosion repair for both private individuals and local authorities. Our previous portfolio within Riverbank Maintenance has covered waterside properties for private owners to works commissioned by the Environment Agency.

We take into account a vast range of factors throughout the lifecycle of the project such as; the length of bank that has eroded, the impact of materials used and construction techniques on the local environment and ways in which this can be minimised, and the most suitable type of structure for the environment in which it will sit.

TMS have the capabilities and available plant to offer:

  • Dredging
  • Clearance
  • Pipe laying
  • Bank stabilisation & repair
  • Residential
  • Local Authority

Our Riverbank maintenance work is mostly commissioned if the ground is being eroded from boat wash, flooding or wave action.

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