Emergency Infrastructure Repairs

Accident damage, structural failure, or extreme weather damage…….TMS are on hand at short notice, to carry out essential infrastructure repairs with the minimum of disruption to commercial operations or civilian amenities.

Dawlish Railway – Extreme Weather Repairs February 2014

Eroded Railway Line

Somerset Levels – Extreme Weather Repairs February 2014

Somerset Levels TMS Emergency Jetty Construction

Somerset Levels - Vanheck Pumps on TMS Emergency Jetty

Torquay Sea Wall – Extreme Weather Repairs April 2013

Torquay Sea Wall Breach

Torbay Sea Defences – Extreme Weather Damage April 2013

Emergency Infrastructure Repairs

Tiverton – Grand Western Canal Breach November 2012

Tiverton Canal Breach

Tiverton Canal Breach

Port Terminal Repairs

Dolphin Steel Jacket Dolphin

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