Wear Farm Cofferdam

TMS have been working locally installing a cofferdam at Wear Farm Railway line. We have installed 90 piles to create the culvert, frames inside the cofferdam were installed to add extra strength to allow the work to be carried out safely, this will enable Balfour Beatty to repair the collapsed pipe under the track. TMS used our safety boat ‘Petrel’ to push the two barges ‘Ash’ & ‘Bond’

Toft Pier, Shetland

TMS have completed the first stage of the works on Toft Pier this week. The Piles have been installed encapsulating the existing old pier, After this section is filled with stone, the crane will move further out to start piling the pier extension. The photos below show us closing off this stage with the anchor wall.

St Blazey Railway Embankment

TMS were instructed by Balfour Beatty to complete emergency works last week on St Blazey Railway Embankment. 

Due to the recent bad weather the river bank was being washed out which had caused the adjacent railway line to be closed as a precautionary measure.

Working in a mature fashion in direct collaboration with Balfour Beatty, TMS employed continuous working to perform these essential repairs as quickly as possible. Within 24 hours a piling rig was mobilised to site and within a further 72 hours approximately 70 tonnes of tied sheet piles were installed to level. Balfour Beatty then completed the track reinstatement works and the railway was re-opened.




Toft Pier

TMS are in the Shetland Islands working on Toft Pier development & the weather has been testing us, but the sixth pile gate has now been set up on the seaward side.
Now that the piles are complete in the first section, stone fill is being stockpiled ready to be placed at low tide. All of the stone has been locally sourced EMN Quarry. The long reach excavator on TMS’ Modular Pontoon, Sinbad can be seen in the foreground placing fill to the seabed after excavating to remove an obstruction to the corner piles.

Shetland Toft Pier

TMS are in the Shetland Islands on our new contract at Toft Pier, today we have started drilling operations prior to the installation of piles. TMS are using our road transportable modular pontoon Sinbad, with 12m legs and hydraulic spud leg lifters, TMS Sinbad can consist of up 5 pontoons total dimensions 12m x 13m

Barge Hire

TMS Sea Rider will be available to hire early July, if you need any information please call the office 01626 866066 & speak to Giles

Whitby Pier

TMS Maritime via Balfour Beatty are contracted to Scarborough Borough Council to deliver a multimillion package of repairs to the historic stone built Whitby Piers, as a coastal protection scheme The main scope for the project comprises repairs to the existing masonry walls, using a combination of concrete, structural grouts and mortars, and replacement stone blocks from a local quarry (Aislaby – the original source for much of the stone used in the construction and historic improvements). Scour and erosion to the toe of wall is recognized as a potential source of weakness in the future, so concrete protection is proposed in two areas, the toe beam, and the bullnose. Typical details are shown below.