Saundersfoot Outfall

TMS are working with Morgan Sindall on the Saundersfoot storm outfall pipe line.

The existing pipe line had deteriorated and needed replacing. The new design is based on a combination of solutions with a new 355mm plastic pipe being installed with concrete collars to weight the pipe down as well as concrete mattresses, see photos below of our progress so far.

Shuttering Works

TMS were Contracted by Dyer & Butler to help assemble & build two bridge bases either side of the M5 to allow a cycle bridge to be installed on top.

This had to be completed quickly due to the road closure, TMS erected the steel and form work before pouring C50 concrete.


Approved Installers of Platipus Anchors

TMS are pleased to inform you all we are now Approved Installers of Platipus Earth Anchoring Systems.

The Anchoring System is used for stabilisation. The stabilisation is achieved by driving various sized anchors depending on the ground end outcomes etc. These Anchors can be used across a wide range of different situations including, retaining walls, slope stabilisation, bridge repair, pipelines, guyed structures, erosion control, & many others.


Dinorwig Power Station

TMS were contracted by First Hydro at Dinorwig Power Station, to remove river bed material that has built up over the years into the purpose built 2km long diversion tunnel. The tunnel was constructed to divert the Nant Peris River which keeps the reservoir levels at a minimum this enables the power station to generate electricity.

TMS  brought in floating plant and machines with specialist confined space equipment to remove the gravel that has been entering the diversion tunnel in flood conditions.

Dinorwig 1

Dinorwig 2

Poole Bridge

TMS have removed the temporary sheet piled cofferdam, which was installed by us in February to enable the construction of the new bridge abutment. As there were five cables running through the cofferdam, the cofferdam was partially extracted and partially cut off by TMS divers

Poole 1

Poole 3

Poole 4

Teignmouth Sea Defence

TMS have started laying the limestone setts from the reclaimed stone that were on the top of the old plinth, which had been broken out prior to the beginning of the works.

When installed the new limestone setts create a frame around the newly laid slabs on the higher plinth. We have been busy forming the new transition steps from the lower plinth to the higher level plinth, using a light weight Material blocks and wrapping them in polythene before fixing steel reinforcement rebar cages. A stepped shutter was then placed and fixed to the cages & concrete was then poured to create the new steps which now joins the two levels

Teignmouth 1

Teignmouth 4

Teignmouth 2

Teignmouth 3