As we close another financial year, we’re proud to share that Teignmouth Maritime Services Ltd has contributed a total of around £30K to local charities and organisations, reinforcing our commitment to the community we very much value.
This year, our support has reached an array of incredible causes, including:
Rowcroft Hospice, providing compassionate care to those in need.
Teignmouth Air Show, bringing spectacular aerial displays to our skies.
MIND, supporting mental health in our community.
Teign Sea Shanty Festival, celebrating our maritime heritage.
Alzheimer’s UK, advancing the fight against dementia.
The Roundtable, fostering local initiatives for societal benefit.
We believe in the power of community and the difference we can make together. A huge thank you goes out to all the organisations for their tireless work, and to our team and supporters who make these contributions possible.
Here’s to more collaboration and support in the coming year!