Pier Fender Reinstatement

TMS were awarded the contract to install a new fender on the end of Millbay Pier. The contract comprised of core drilling the sockets for the fender anchors, fixing together the fender panels and rubbers, and finally positioning the fender on the pier wall.

The work took place at two locations – Millbay Pier and West Wharf in Plymouth. Wall anchors were installed at Millbay Pier in preparation for the fender, before the fender was fixed together at West Wharf. Once the anchors had been installed and the fender was constructed, the fender was placed on a jack-up barge, the Aran 250, along with a 150 Tonne crane and transported to the end of Millbay Pier. The fender was then fixed to the wall. The works took approximately 4 weeks to complete from start to finish.

Millbay Fender