New slipway to an island off the coast of the UK. The project included drilling and fixing the columns to a particularly uneven seabed, installing the slipway and renovating the existing quay. This was all completed in a remote location off the coast of the UK. Completed August 2021.


Stonehaven Harbour

A £2.2m improvement plan for Stonehaven Harbour has been unveiled.

Aberdeenshire Council said the major programme to “safeguard the long-term future” of the harbour was expected to start in May.

The local authority said steel sheet piling has suffered corrosion, meaning rubble and loose material could be washed out, leading to stability risks.

It is due to be completed by October.

Philip McKay, head of roads and infrastructure at Aberdeenshire Council, said it was a hugely-important improvement scheme for Stonehaven which was postponed due to the impact of the Covid pandemic on the construction industry.

“Given the deteriorating condition of the existing harbour infrastructure, this is quite simply a must-do project,” he said.

“We appreciate there will be some disruption this summer, however we want the town’s harbour to remain a wonderful tourist attraction and a source of economic wealth for the town for decades to come.”

Community engagement with residents and businesses is planned before the work starts.

Devon-based contractor Teignmouth Maritime Services (TMS) has been appointed to lead the project.

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Walthamstow Reservoirs

Hesselberg Hydro and TMS are coming to the end of a project in Walthamstow reservoirs. These reservoirs don’t only supply the city in London with fresh water but are home to large flocks of different birds and wildlife, a total of 1400 tonnes of open stone asphalt has been placed on the embankment of the reservoir as scour protection ensuring the stability of the reservoirs for years to come.

TMS are joining forces with Hesselberg Hydro

Devon-based marine and civil engineering specialists, Teignmouth Maritime Services Ltd (TMS) has become a 50% shareholder of Kent-based hydraulic engineering specialists, Hesselberg Hydro UK Ltd, combining nearly 60 years’ experience and expertise in the maritime construction sector.

Teignmouth Maritime Services Ltd (TMS) has been providing professional marine and land based civil engineering services since 1991. With over 30 years’ experience working as a leading marine contracting business, the company boasts an impressive portfolio providing services including marine and civil construction, commercial diving, marine plant hire, piling, emergency repairs and flood defence works.

Peter Stenner, Managing Director of TMS says; “We’re very proud to have achieved and maintained significant growth over the last decade and this growth has enabled us to comfortably complete multi-million-pound schemes to the satisfaction of our clients. This partnership investment with Hesselberg Hydro is most certainly going to compliment and aid further growth for both companies in the years ahead.”

Mr Stenner continues; “There are many synergies between the two companies, both working side by side in similar sectors, using different techniques. We are very pleased to have now combined both company’s expertise, expanding and maximising our service offering further within the industry.”

Originally part of the Norwegian A/S Sigurd Hesselberg group, Hesselberg Hydro UK Ltd was established in 1986 to concentrate on dam building. Now the company, with over 36 years’ experience, works in many sectors of hydraulic engineering specialising in the application of asphalt and particularly systems for erosion protection, underwater scour protection and waterproofing. The company’s comprehensive service encompasses feasibility studies and inspections together with design, installation, and maintenance of asphaltic structures for dams, reservoirs and lagoons, rivers and irrigation channels, ports and coastal environments, and landfill sites.

Roger Smith, Director of Hesselberg Hydro says; “This is an exciting chapter for both companies. Combining the knowledge and experience of the Hesselberg Hydro team with the resources of Teignmouth Maritime Services will provide a stronger project delivery team to service a growing demand for our services.” To find out more about Teignmouth Maritime Services Ltd and Hesselberg Hydro, visit: / Hesselberg Hydro – Asphalt Specialists In Hydraulic Engineering (